After intense research into personal branding identities I started some initial sketches to begin visualizing which direction I’ll want to explore for my personal logo. When researching I realized that I’d like having a slightly animated logo. One of my favorite examples of this comes from Donnybrook Studios Branding designed by Conor Smyth of Dublin, Ireland. While sketching I tried imagining different animation solutions for each logo. I liked the simplicity of using initials for a logo so I started researching curved typography since my initials are C.P. I was very influenced by the Yorokobu magazine cover designed by Baimu Studio of Barcelona, Spain because I thought incorporating the ribbon look and feel to my initials would add a lot of dimension and be something unique. After doing more simplistic logos, I started looking into what makes me unique as a person and began thinking of ways to incorporate that into my logo sketches. Some key phrases I repeatedly kept going back to were ‘outdoors’ ‘vermont’ and ‘mountians’. Once I settled on these few phrases I started researching those words and made some sketches I felt I could relate to.

I choose to continue with more sets of sketches for my logo, I went back to researching logo design and personal branding before I continued. I pulled a lot of inspiration from various artists on behance, mostly just how I could incorporate my logo into different branding material. However the book, Drawing Type by Alex Fowkes really pushed me in the direction of multi dimensional logos. My most recent set of sketches includes a lot of 3D logos that I hope to experiment more with once I start comping. Justcreative.com had a really great collection of 2015’s best logo designs, this collection helped me see recent trends and whats generally appreciated as good logo design these days. I also really enjoyed reading creative blog’s article about the biggest and greatest logo redesigns of last year. Seeing previous logo designs and the new logos showed me the simplicity is the biggest logo design trend of 2016.




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